Dr. van Zyl was born in Windhoek, Namibia and is proud to be a landed immigrant of Canada. He is a full spectrum family physician with advanced skills. His decision to pursue family medicine was based on the fact that he has a very broad interest and only family medicine can give you the opportunity manage a patient from cradle to grave.

Patient care, to Dr. van Zyl, can be fairly simplistic and platonic or very complex and integrated. Patient care is usually one directional and disease-specific. He believes that it is the patient’s responsibility to define the need for care. He also feels that we should shift towards patient-directed care with the family physician, supported by various teams, specialists and modalities, enabling the patient to achieve personal health.

Dr. van Zyl’s greatest joy in doing what he does is that it’s all about the circle of life, respect for life and the gratification of those in need. We are all human and physicians are not infallible or immortal. With reciprocal respect and understanding between a patient and a physician, the reward in walking a journey together is priceless.

  • Completed his medical training in Stellenbosch, Cape Town in 1994.
  • Family residency years (called internship) were in Windhoek, Namibia.
  • Received his Diploma in Anesthesia through the College of Medicine of South Africa.
  • Completed his LMCC I & II exams in Canada.