IV Nutrition Therapy is quickly becoming a much talked about treatment in the medical and health communities. This treatment is the fastest and most efficient way to give your body a powerful nutrition boost and the results are immediate. Hospitals have used IV therapies for decades and now, new advances are making it possible to quickly improve overall health and change how people feel.  

“I studied the effectiveness of IV Nutrition Therapy and knew many of my patients would benefit from this treatment,” says Dr. Stella Jansen van Rensburg. “The results have been overwhelmingly positive, and patients are now incorporating it into their health routines.” 

Getting this powerful vitamin cocktail is very straightforward and simple. An IV is inserted into a vein in the arm or hand and a drip of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants is directly released into the bloodstream and provides many benefits. 

  • Guaranteed Vitamin Absorption

Certain medications or health issues can affect your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs. By bypassing the digestive system, these vitamins are directly absorbed into the body and the results are immediate. 

  • Energy Boost

People who suffer from depression, anxiety or even those getting over the common cold can use this treatment to restore general health and well-being.

  • Instant Rehydration

The body is 80 percent water and that is because hydration supports all vital organ functions. IV therapy is the most efficient way to rehydrate the body. Preventing kidney stones and constipation are also some of the benefits of staying hydrated.  

  • Preventative Health 

Heading into cold and flu season, IV therapy can be a great way to keep seasonal bugs at bay. Therapeutic doses of many vitamins show great effectiveness in building up immunity and Vitamin C has even been shown to kill cancer cells in high doses. 

  • Fights Effects of Environmental Toxins

Antioxidants in IV Nutrition Therapy help your body fight off early signs of aging by flushing out harmful toxins. Overtime, exposure to everyday environmental chemicals can be harmful and IV Nutrition Therapy can rid the body of many of these damaging chemicals.