There are many factors that can contribute to dull, tired looking skin. Sun damage, environmental pollution, sub-optimal nutrition and insufficient exfoliation are the most common contributors. There is no point in doing a multitude of treatments for and volume loss with out taking care of your skin.
We pride ourselves at Papillon for providing an all-inclusive service, and restoring a youthful look to your skin is one of the foundations of creating your best self. Dewy, healthy skin can be your new normal!

There are several treatment modalities that we can apply as a stand alone service, or in combination, to improve the quality and health of your skin


  • A customised skin care regimen is essential for healthy skin. Our team of professionals can help you create and maintain the perfect regimen for your skin and lifestyle, and help you tweak your regimen for season changes or changes in you skin care needs.

  • Chemical peels are a controlled an easy way to freshen up your face. This treatment will also help with pigment irregularities and can help with acne

  • Laser peel or deeper resurfacing treatment can afford very impressive results. These treatments can be tailored to be gentle or aggressive, depending on the desired outcome, and the acceptable social down time for the client

  • Microdermabrasion/ Hydrafacial combination is a quick and easy aesthetic procedure that can freshen you up on the spot. These is no down time and you will notice an immediate improved appearance to your skin. It is the perfect last minute treatment for an event, but also great as a maintenance treatment in a healthy skin care regimen

  • Collagen induction therapy also known as dermal needling can help stimulate new collagen and elastin and offer growth and healing factors

  • Platelet rich plasma injected in the skin or as an add on to an ablative treatment is a tremendous tool to stimulate healing in the skin

  • Vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, etc can be injected into the skin with mesotherapy. These treatment have been very popular in Europe for decades