There are several factors that cause uneven colour of your complexion. Scarring from acne or other injuries to the skin resulting in hyperpigmentation, solar damage, tanning, melisma to name just a few. Uneven, blotchy skin creates a dull, aged appearance of the face chest and neck. Many men and woman omit taking care to protect their neck and chest with sunscreen, and this often results in a significant difference in the colour and texture of the damaged skin. When the damage to the skin is significant, a series of treatments may be necessary to achieve substantial correction.

The following treatment form part of out toolbox to correct dyschromia:


  • Skin care forms the basis of managing pigment problems in the skin. It is the most significant treatment modality, not only to obtain results, but also to maintain them.

  • Laser and light treatments can be effective to get rid of damage caused by sun exposure over time, It is very important to understand which skin types can be treated with these modalities. For darker skin types, choosing the wrong laser or light treatment can potentially worsen the problem. It is important to have a knowledgeable and adequately trained team to help shape your treatment plan.

  • Melasma (hormonal pigmentation) can also be aggravated by laser treatments, and needs to be evaluated thoroughly prior to choosing a treatment option

  • Chemical peels are a gentle way of treating discolouration. A series of treatments will likely be needed.

  • Dermal needling has been effective in treating hyperpigmentation. It is especially helpful in patients for whom laser is not a suitable option.