Nicole W

Damariz Castillo

Damariz was born in Mexico City, but has been lucky enough to live in Cancun, Hawaii and now her forever home Canada! Damariz is a trained MOA with a unit clerk specialty, but her passion is medical aesthetics. After eight years in the administration field, she took the plunge and went back to school for aesthetics. At Papillon Medical, she provides services to each area of the clinic. You can see her on the front lines at reception, helping the physicians run the acne clinic, and also providing medical aesthetic treatments. During her free time, Damariz loves to have mother-daughter dates with her twin girls. They love to go on spontaneous adventures and family road trips.


Damariz’s favorite treatment to perform is microneedling. Her favorite treatment to receive is the morpheus8.


Aneska B

Claudia Sheffler-Egely

Claudia received her nursing education in Calgary Alberta. After graduating she worked in multiple acute care facilities including Rocky View Hospital infectious disease unit, Foothills medical surgery unit, South Calgary Urgent care as administrator in Emergency department and then South Health Campus hospital Neuroscience, PACU, and day surgery. She then broadened her passion with an introduction to functional medicine and aesthetics when meeting Dr. Stella Jansen van Rensburg and has worked with Papillon ever since.

Claudia has a passion for beauty and healing from the inside out. She is continuing education in order to help clients reach these goals.
• Golding Institute Personalized Medicine : Completed IV Nutrient Therapy Course May 2021
• Clarion Medical Laser certified: Gynecological, facial, fractional and LHR February 2018
• Plasma IQ certification: 2019
• California Board of Registered Nurses: Certified in Neuromodulator and dermal Fillers October 2019
• ATMA journey center: Certified assist in Psychedelic Therapy January 2021
• INMODE Morpheus/ Lumecca/ Triton/ P90/ Gynecological laser certified in 2022.

Claudia’s favorite treatment to perform on clients is Microneedling, and her favorite treatment to receive is PRP Therapy.