Dr. Barbara Pickering is a Registered Psychologist who has deep roots in the Alberta community. After raising her four children, she started university, completing her PhD in 2020. In addition to being registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists, Barbara teaches both undergraduate and graduate university students of psychology. She is committed to being a useful member of the community and consequently, has been a volunteer with children and family organizations for many years.

Barbara is a fierce advocate of holistic wellbeing, which naturally includes psychological health. She believes that the connection between mind and body is inseparable and our health troubles should be addressed as such. Dr. Pickering works with individuals, couples, or families who are experiencing a variety of concerns including a range of anxiety related struggles, depression, or life stress.

For Barbara, the outdoors provides balance and healing. She finds solace in the woods hiking, biking, and walking, training, or playing with her canine buddy. She believes connecting with family and friends is also key to physical and psychological health. Barbara loves to read, meditate, practice yoga, and have engaging conversations about life with anyone who is willing to go there with her.