Meet Lejla, a joyful individual who brings a positive and energetic attitude to our clinic. She has a passion for learning and a love for the outdoors, which she shares with her furry friend Ollie, who she enjoys going on adventures with.

Currently, Lejla is finishing up her studies at Mount Royal University, where she is pursuing a degree in Registered Nursing (RN). As the first person in her family born in Canada, she takes pride in her accomplishments and strives to be an excellent role model for her loved ones.

At our clinic, Lejla thrives in her position as she gets to fulfill a variety of different roles and skills. She especially enjoys learning more about women’s health!

Outside of work and school, you can find Lejla exploring the great outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, or just spending time in nature. Her happy-go-lucky personality and love for life are contagious and make her an asset to our team.

Lejla’s favorite treatment is the Fraxel Laser