Our skin is always in direct contact with our environment. It acts as our immune system’s first defence against infection. Among many of the skin’s remarkable defence functions is its ability to heal quickly and restore barrier function. Skin, after sustaining an injury, first hyper-produces cells and blood clotting to the site of injury. Hormones such as epidermal growth factors stimulate the cells to reproduce and heal. Proteins and peptides trigger fibroblasts (cell stimulators) and cells to rejuvenate.

Depending on the depth of an injury as well as multiple other factors of the skin and environment, scars are often formed during the healing process. Sometimes the body overprotects by sending extra pigmentation to the site of an injury or a raised lesion of hardened tissue.

We can help. Scarring is often largely correctable with the appropriate treatments and product protocols. Depending on the type of scar, location and skin type of the client, we can treat and greatly improve the appearance of scarring, using ablative laser peels, microneedling, chemical peels and proper medical-grade home care products.

Medical aesthetic procedures such as these break down scar tissue and initiate a healing process to restore skin’s strength and integrity. At Papillon Medical and dermatology, we are trained and skilled at assessing and treating for best results. Give us a call to book a complimentary consultation.

Thanks to our Laser Technician Nicole (@yyc.skingym) for her amazing insight on scarring and the available treatments to correct it.