Areas Treated:

  • Pelvic Floor
  • Whole Core

Feel Good About Looking Good with Core to Floor!

At Papillon Medical, we understand the unique challenges that women face in the pursuit of health and wellness. While juggling families, careers, and social calendars, it can be easy to let our needs slip to the back burner. Everybody pees a little when they sneeze, right? (#timeforcoretofloor)

Whether you’ve welcomed a new addition to the family, or simply noticed that things aren’t like they used to be, our Core to Floor Program is a fast track to improved urinary and sexual health for women of all ages.

The Protocol

Our Core to Floor Program uses two non-invasive HIFEM therapies designed to rehabilitate and restore neuromuscular control of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

EMSELLA, AKA the “Kegel Throne”, targets pelvic floor muscles with thousands of supramaximal contractions per session. A strong pelvic floor provides optimal support for the bladder, bowel, and uterus, and minimizes the risk of incontinence. Over five clinical studies, EMSELLA reduced or improved symptoms of urinary incontinence in 95% of patients.

EMSCULPT NEO uses HIFEM technology to build lean abdominal muscle while targeted radiofrequency reduces fat. This two-in-one body contouring device visually narrows the waist and provides a boost to functional core strength, improves posture, and addresses medical conditions like diastasis recti. Consider it a “Mommy Makeover” from the inside out!

By combining these treatments, we can drastically improve muscle weakness, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction due to childbirth, hormonal changes, and the natural aging process. Patients who undergo Core to Floor therapy report a significant increase in quality of life and often return to activities and exercise they previously avoided. (Hello, trampolines!)

Take back your life – no surgery, no downtime, no complicated treatment plans.  It’s time for Core to Floor!