Offering Dermal Fillers in Calgary 

If you’re looking to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles or plump up areas of the face, like your lips, then dermal fillers are one of your best choices. These injectable and all-natural fillers will help sculpt your face and give you the look you’re after without any need for downtime. You may also pair this with an RF treatment near you to get the smoothest and most youthful-looking skin imaginable.

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About Our Facial Filler Products

Dermal filler is a smooth injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Hyaluronic acid serves an essential function of hydrating the skin and helps provide a youthful and contoured look. Over time, individuals are exposed to environmental factors like the sun, pollution, and smoking. So, as we age, an individual’s hyaluronic acid levels will gradually decrease. The goal of dermal filler is to replace natural volume loss from aging and aid in lifting sagging skin to produce a long-lasting, natural, and refreshed look.

Results may vary for each individual but are typically instant and may even improve over time. We also use topical anesthesia to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

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Areas Treated

Lips: Dermal Filler can be used to volumize and plump the lips. These treatments can easily be customized to achieve a subtle but natural enhancement to the lips’ shape. Dermal filler can be used to even out small lip creases, which will help add symmetry and balance to the face.

Cheeks: Often, the cheeks lose volume with age. Expertly injected fillers can restore volume and help you achieve a youthful, full appearance.

Jawline: Dermal filler is an excellent option for those with a soft-looking jawline. It can help create a slimmer, defined, more sculpted jawline contour.

Marionette lines & Nasolabial Folds: Dermal filler can quickly fill in the lost volume of these areas, which will instantly give a more youthful, balanced face.

Chin and Nose: Dermal fillers can be used as a non-surgical option to help reshape the chin or nose. This is an excellent, cost-effective way to improve a patient’s side profile. Dermal filler is a perfect option for patients wanting to correct a pronounced bump on their nose, correct a droopy tip, and help straighten out the appearance of a mildly crooked nose.

Scarring: Dermal Filler is an excellent option for those who have acne scarring that has caused indents and uneven texture. It can be used to help lessen the appearance of scars by evening out the texture.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

  • Smooth lines around mouth and nose
  • Enhance size and shape of lips
  • Fill fine lines above the upper lip
  • Restore tear troughs – adding volume under the eye
  • Reduce crow’s feet
  • Reduce laugh lines
  • Volumize cheeks
  • Smooth and contour jawline
  • Fill temple areas
  • Treat subtle imperfection of the nose

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