Areas Treated:

  • Any Soft Tissue Or Joint

Laser Pain Management

Laser Pain Management

Laser Pain Management uses therapeutic heating, or “thermotherapy”, which is a great way to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities and relieve muscle and joint pain.

Heat can be used for most non-inflammatory body pain and can provide relaxation, comfort, and reassurance. Applying direct focused heat can take the edge off several kinds of body pain, most notably chronic musculoskeletal pain such as an old injury or arthritis.

Fotona’s advanced technology provides an alternative method to treat and manage pain effectively. Our Fotona laser pain management treatment is a natural and effective way to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. This treatment is specifically beneficial to those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis and sports related injuries.

By applying targeted heat into the muscle tissues and skin, the tissues are loosened allowing the lymphatic fluid to flow easier. With easier flow of the lymphatic fluid, swelling is reduced which releases tension and pain in the targeted area. The heat also stimulates a healing process through “photobiomodulation” and the creation of connective tissues to strengthen the area experiencing pain.