Areas Treated:

  • Sagging or Drooping Cheeks
  • Deeper Nasolabial Folds
  • Jowls
  • Skin Laxity of Face and Neck

Silhouette Instalift uses absorbable mirco-cones to instantly lift aging, midfacial skin, including sagging cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, and jowls. This procedure activates natural collagen production around the site of the thread, which supports the skin, improves texture, and boosts volume over time (up to two years). That means you can achieve the look you want- without surgery!

Early signs of aging are most apparent on the face, and until recently, facelift surgery was the only way to address issues caused by facial skin laxity. For those who are not ready to pursue an aggressive surgical procedure, a thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative that offers immediate results.

Dr. Stella Jansen van Rensburg is currently the only licensed provider for Silhouette Instalift in Calgary.

How does Silhouette Instalift work?

  • Prior to treatment, the patient's face will be marked to indicate insertion and exist point for the threads. Each thread will consist of 3 linear points. The center mark will represent the insertion point and the two end marks will be exit points. All insertion and exit points will be infiltrated with a local anesthetic. Once the patient is thoroughly anesthetized, small incisions will be made at every insertion point so the needle can easily be guided beneath the skin.
  • Each thread is inserted in two parts. First, the needle will be inserted into the center insertion mark and guided linearly to the previously marked exit point. The needle will be pushed through the skin and pulled outwards, pulling half of the thread through the face. Next, the second half of the thread will be inserted through the same center point and again, threaded linearly though the skin and out the pre-determined exit point. Excess thread will be trimmed. This process will be repeated for every thread. Once all thread have been placed, the provider will manipulate the face so that the cones are able to properly attach and lift the tissue.
  • Improvement in wrinkles and sagging is noticeable immediately after the procedure with continued improvement for several months afterwards as collagen production increases facial volume to further diminish fine lines. Inserted threads will eventually dissolve with effects lasting for as long as 2 years depending on lifestyle.

The goal of a Silhouette Instalift is to reposition facial and neck tissues thus restoring youthful proportions and appearances to the face.

What to expect:

    Before treatment:

  • Avoid blood thinning medication
  • No alcohol for 1 week prior
  • No smoking for 1 week prior

    During treatment:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Needles are inserted into the area to be lifted
  • Barbs along the thread act as cogs to grasp, lift and suspend the skin.
  • Needle is withdrawn and the tissue is ‘gathered’ over the thread
  • Excess thread is cut

    Immediately after treatment:

  • Discomfort
  • Do not touch or wash the face for 12 hours
  • Limit facial motion for 24 hours

    1-7 days after treatment:

  • Non-strenuous activities can be resumed in 1 day
  • Eat soft foods or drink liquids for 7-10 days
  • Resume normal activities as tolerated

    1-3 weeks after treatment and beyond:

  • Full activity can be resumed in 1 week
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks

    Results notes:

  • Improvement noticeable immediately
  • Results improve over time as collagen production is encouraged
  • Maintenance treatments every 18 months

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