Neuromodulator injections (commonly known as Botox, Dysport or Nuceiva) are one of the most common procedures here at Papillon. Each year, hundreds of thousands of women and men around the globe pay a visit to their dermatologist and go under the needle in the name of smooth, wrinkle-less skin. We all seem to understand the basics of the treatment; a quick tiny injection into the muscle that effectively blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. That injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes that annoying wrinkle to relax and soften, and also prevents new ones from forming. Below are 6 little-known facts about Botox:

1) It was first used medically

Botulinum toxin was first used as a medical treatment for strabismus (a muscle-related eye condition) in the 1970’s and 80’s. Not long after, it was discovered that it also helped treat face and neck spasms, among other medical conditions.

2) The numerous applications for Botox

It can be used to decrease sweating (scalp, armpit, hands, even under the butt), correct a droopy nasal tip, fix brow asymmetry, minimize bunny lines from nose wrinkling, decrease skin oiliness, and it can even be placed in the jaw to improve the contour of the face and decrease teeth grinding.

3) Bad Botox is common

A week hardly goes by where our clinic doesn’t see a patient with a bad Botox job. Why so many you ask? Well, people are getting it done by inexperienced, often unlicensed, practitioners who don’t know the shape of the face and how to correctly administer the toxin. Botox is so common now these days that you can even get it done at some gyms, spas, stores or even at home parties. Make sure you know how old the product is, what it is mixed with and whether the injector knows what he/she is doing. We suggest getting it done by a certified physician here at Papillon.

4) Brotox

Men are joining in on all the Botox fun, and in a big way. “Brotox” treatments are up 337% since 2000. Blame it on social media, a highly competitive job market or a more relaxed social psyche, but men are coming into the clinic in increasing numbers. Were loving this new generation of men that are embracing the fact that caring about how you look doesn’t make you “fussy” or any less manly.

5) The Way We Use It Has Changed

Gone are the days of that frozen celebrity look, we make sure that when we inject Botox, we are completely versatile and use minimal amounts. We are avoiding the paralysis, no movement look, but working more with a smaller amount when we are relaxing the muscle. At Papillon, we encourage a 2-week follow up where we can examine the movement and symmetry of the injections.

6) It’s Universal

Unlike many resurfacing treatments or surgical procedures, Botox injections when done correctly can be done on all skin tones. Men, women, Caucasian, African American, Asian, Indian are all demographics that can enjoy the benefits of Botox.

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