We’re thrilled to introduce family physician Dr. Novida Pather to the Okotoks Papillon team. She joined our Family Medicine clinic in the new year from Barrhead, AB. Dr. Pather’s practice is devoted to Women and Children’s Health with an added focal-point of Low-Risk Prenatal Care, Geriatric Care, Preventative Medicine, and Chronic Disease. Dr. Pather brings years of exemplary practice with her and, with a shortage of women physicians taking new patients, Okotoks is delighted to have Dr. Pather join Papillon Medical.

Dr. Pather is currently accepting new patients and meet-and-greet appointments are available. Here are Five Questions with Dr. Pather so you can get to know her before coming in.

Why did you decide to move to Calgary/Okotoks?

Having seen east to west coast, Tofino to the Bay of Fundy; we have been to a few cities and towns in this vast and beautiful country. As a city that’s transformative, modern, forward thinking, diverse and in tune with its citizens, Calgary checks off all the boxes . It has vibe, atmosphere, and is bubbling with an energy.

Okotoks being in close proximity to the city is appealing as a young town with young families that would furthermore be suitable for my family I believe, for years to come. I looked for that “forever feeling” and Okotoks has that for us as a family. (Many Okotoks folks would agree too.)

Why did you choose to join the Papillon Medical Okotoks team?

Papillon Medical was attractive as a clinic because of its owner, Dr. Stella Jansen Van Rensburg, a pioneer and strong female role model who came highly recommended.

In researching Papillon I found that it had elements of care that were in line with my own vision for health; complete with complementary functional medicine.

Why did you choose Family Medicine?

Family medicine was a natural fit for me as a doctor as it has a broad range of medicine to tap into. One never knows what is beyond the examining room door. It’s unknown and unpredictable side is challenging at times, however satisfying, as I do go to lengths to find and search for solutions and answers together with my patients. Other disciplines of medicine are quite focused and many specialists already know a disease process as they have been referred a patient with a probable diagnosis having been made.

What is your favourite thing about Family Medicine?

My favourite thing about Family Medicine is the uniqueness of each situation and the discovery of health for my patients. In keeping with Family Medicine principles, I strive to fully appreciate the patient before me. We work together with their personal and social characteristics. Each patient is unique and will not fit into diagnoses. I seek to find the individual’s best ability to weather a diagnosis and I arm them with the tools to best do so. 

What do you like to do when you’re not at Papillon?

I enjoy reading, fitness, love nature and animals, somewhat a health nut, travelling. Something most people don’t know about me is that I love kid’s movies!

Ready to book your meet-and-greet with Dr. Pather? Give our Okotoks clinic a call at 403-982-7771 today.